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Canton Introduces CD-1 Compact Home Theater 5.1 Surround Loudspeaker System

Canton has introduced the Movie CD-1, a 5.1-channel speaker system that delivers all the dynamics and excitement of home theater in small and attractive satellite speakers that reflect the company’s historic commitment to both sound and design.

The package consists of four identical aluminum microspeakers, a matched horizontal center-channel, and a small but powerful subwoofer.

The Movie CD-1 home theater system is currently shipping, available at a suggested retail price of $1099 (US).

Canton says that unlike many subwoofer-satellite mini-systems, the Movie CD-1 models are far more than just smaller speakers. Canton engineering and design advances in driver, circuitry, and cabinet design give the CD-1 satellites a frequency response of 80 Hz to 25 kHz from a speaker that measures just over 5-inches tall, and under 4-inches deep and wide.

Among the advances that allow this feat are a new, proprietary 3-inch aluminum woofer, high-integrity aluminum housing, a 3.6 kHz crossover network, and a sophisticated passive filter circuit which blocks unwanted low-frequency signals that can generate harmonic distortions.

The CD-1 Center-channel incorporates the same technologies and drivers as the satellites, but features a two-woofer, single-tweeter horizontal arrangement that provides outstanding midrange performance, so important for the reproduction of dialogue in movies. The tapered housing allows for easy ’tilting’ of the speaker, and the horizontal driver array improves linearity across the soundstage. The CD-1 center-channel features the same aluminum housing and perforated metal grille as the satellites.

The CD-1 Subwoofer uses Canton’s exclusive SC technology to deliver excellent deep bass response and very low distortion. The active SC electronic filter is integrated into the 100-Watt onboard amplifier circuit, and computer-designed to adjust the response curve to compensate for the acoustic characteristics of the housing and driver. This both blocks unwanted infrasonic signals, which can cause distortion from excessive driver excursion, and improves the speaker’s output response curve across the frequency range. The result is a frequency response that pushes all the way down to 38 Hz and provides tight and linear bass up to 140 Hz.

The sub’s adjustable crossover frequency, level control, and switchable phase adjustment can all be used to tailor the installation of the subwoofer and satellites in nearly any room, and with any source material.

The Canton Movie CD-1 Satellites and Center-channel are finished in striking aluminum, and the CD-1 Subwoofer is finished in a matching silver Matte. The CD-1 includes mounting brackets for all the satellite speakers. The LS-90 speaker stands shown in the photo are optional.

Canton Elektronik Web Site

XM Satellite Radio Offers Digital Audio Receiver and Service for Home PC Systems

On May 2 2003, XM Satellite Radio will begin shipping its new XM PC Receiver (XM PCR) for home computers, priced at $69.95 (US). The new receiver allows PC users to listen to XM’s subscription service, offering 101 channels of digital music, entertainment and news.

Satellite radio has been targeted thus far to mobile and car audio listeners, and XM says the XM PCR is the first satellite radio receiver available for personal computers.

“The PCR makes the tremendous breadth of XM’s 101 digital music, entertainment and news channels available to computer users at home, work, school and on the go – without the need for an Internet connection,” says XM president and CEO Hugh Panero.

The XM PCR provides listeners with XM’s acclaimed digital surround sound stereo, a vast improvement over the sound quality of Internet audio streaming. Additionally, XM’s signal is captured directly from XM’s two satellites and terrestrial repeaters so there are no “buffering” delays or slow channel searching and changing, effectively turning a computer into an XM radio.

Recognizing the computer’s place as the home’s entertainment center, XM engineered PCR so users can play games and explore the Web without restriction or slowdown, all while listening to 101 channels of exceptional programming.

“XM has created a very simple, elegant and inexpensive way to listen to the variety of music, news, sports and talk people crave during their day. Now the XM radio revolution is a mouse-click away for the millions of Americans who daily spend hours at their computers,” comments Mr. Panero.

“Meanwhile, it is well-known that Internet streaming places a terrible burden on a computer’s connections and resources, and the beauty of XM PCR is that it makes no such demands. XM PCR delivers all of the music with none of the frustration.”

XM PCR includes PC software (Windows only) that offers a simple but dynamic user interface, giving listeners a chance to view the music choices on multiple channels simultaneously. Users can easily personalize the display to show their favorite channels, and see everything playing on these channels at the same time. They also can save song titles and artist names for future reference.

The XM PCR package includes the receiver, an antenna, PC software CD-ROM, USB cable (providing power to the receiver as well as the data connection to the PC) and an audio cable. Set up, installation and activation takes only a few minutes. Users will have the opportunity to download subsequent versions of the XM PCR software with added functionality. In addition, antennae extension cables will be available as an accessory.

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Tony Maserati Relies on Studio Network Solutions Drives for Transfers and Backups – “Every Single Day”

After spending too much time fighting with SCSI drives stricken with slow transfer rates and recurring meltdowns, mix engineer Tony Maserati decided it was time for a change. Looking for a drive that could handle 96k sample rates and intense file transfer demands, Maserati opted for the Fibre Channel-based A/V SAN™ drive system from Studio Network Solutions®.

Mr. Maserati, who spends much of his time working at The Hit Factory’s Studio 3 in New York, used the A/V SAN recently for sessions with Beyonce Knowles, Christina Aguilera and Destiny’s Child.

“I transfer files either from CDs or SCSI hotswaps,” explains Mr. Maserati. “Whole projects fit on one A/V SAN drive, which allows me to manage everything completely and easily.”

“On the Christina Aguilera sessions, I never once had to think about the drive, which is optimal for me. No matter what stress I put on the A/V SAN, it simply never stops working.”

The A/V SAN™ system, which uses fibre channel to achieve extremely high transfer rates, is capable of eliminating almost all hard drive and I/O-related PCI bus errors. This means that engineers such as Maserati, whose work demands are intense and deadline driven, can increase their workflow and productivity by not having to stop and and deal with hard-drive system failures.

“I have my own A/V SAN that I cart around with me from studio to studio,” says Mr. Maserati. “I will not go into a session without it; it just works. I don’t have to do anything! I don’t ever have to initialize or defrag the drives. In fact, I’ve never defragged the drives and I’ve had it for a year and a half. It works flawlessly every single day of the week, and I work a minimum of six days a week.”

The A/V SAN can deliver 128 tracks of 24-bit/48k audio from a single drive. It provides up to 400 MB/second of throughput, and concurrent access for multiple users. It can also do simultaneous data back-up while the drives are in use for production.

The A/V SAN package includes a 1U enclosure, up to 4 Fibre Channel drives, a Studio Network Solutions PCI card, custom SNS Software and optical cables.

Studio Network Solutions Web Site

2004 Acura TL Will Offer XM Satellite Radio as Standard Equipment

At the New York International Auto Show (April 18-27, 2003), American Honda Motor Co. has announced that the new 2004 Acura TL will include XM Satellite Radio as standard equipment.

“As XM marches to the one million subscriber mark later this year, the all-new 2004 Acura TL represents another key expansion of XM into the great family of Acura and Honda vehicles,” comments Hugh Panero, XM president and CEO. “XM’s programming will be a perfect complement to the luxurious driving experience delivered by the 2004 Acura TL.”

According to American Honda, the 2004 Acura TL joins the 2004 Acura RL as the first luxury sedans to feature XM as standard equipment. For Honda products, a dealer-installed option is available for the 2003 Accord and Pilot. The Honda Division also expects to have XM Satellite Radio factory-installed beginning with the 2004 Accord later this year.

American Honda plans to expand the availability of XM-ready radios to additional Honda and Acura models during the 2005 model year and into the future.

XM Satellite Radio Web Site Adds a Full Line of Boat Audio Products

Wakeside, the Portland, OR retailer of wakeboard boat accessories and enhancements, has added a full line of boat audio gear to its offerings.

Already well known for an extensive lineup of wakeboard towers, racks, lights, and tower speakers, it was only natural for Wakeside to add amplifiers, subwoofers, component speakers, and CD/MP3 receivers to go along with their high-end wakeboard boat accessories.

To drive today’s high-end tower speakers, a power amplifier is a must. Many wakeboarders want to hear the music clear and loud while they ride. The power output of most receivers is simply not adequate to get the great sound and high volumes desired from modern tower speaker systems.

For example, the Boss Accessories B-530, MB Quart based tower speaker system can handle a whopping 250 watts RMS per side at 2 ohms. To accommodate these types of power needs, Wakeside has added four lines of power amplifiers from Phoenix Gold, Kicker, Rockford Fosgate, and MTX.

Most riders are not satisfied with just hearing the sound while they ride – they want to “feel” the music and watch the ripples come off of the side of the boat from those reverberating bass notes. This means one or more subwoofers, and a subwoofer enclosure or a self contained subwoofer system. To meet this requirement, Wakeside has added four lines of subwoofers from Kicker, Rockford Fosgate, Infinity, and JL Audio.

Subwoofers can range from eight to fifteen inches, and some models can handle up to 1,000 watts RMS continuous, 2,000 watts peak! Of course you will need another amplifier to power the subwoofer: not to worry, many models are available with mono, stereo, or multi-channel that can be bridged to power the demanding thirst for power that these subwoofers create.

Many wakeboard boats come equipped with two, four, or even six coaxial speakers from the factory. Unfortunately, some of the manufacturers use either marine grade or substandard quality speakers that just don’t sound like the high-end car audio speakers that many have become accustomed to. Wakeside offers only the best for your boating needs, with the addition of MB Quart, Kicker, Infinity, and Rockford Fosgate component and coax speakers. No cheap stuff here – the offering starts at the middle and extends all the way to the very top!

If you need to upgrade your CD/MP3 receiver, then Wakeside also offers both Sony and Pioneer units. An MP3-equipped receiver can play up to 200 tunes from a single CD.

Wakeside has three mobile audio experts on their sales team to help you design your system and select your boat audio equipment. They can also put a package deal together for you if you are building a whole system. If you need help with installation, Wakeside offers professional mobile installation on the West Coast from Seattle to San Diego.

If you are ready to hear and feel the tunes, is ready to help you to create an incredible system to improve your ride.

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