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Waves MiniWoofer Provides Subwoofer Quality Sound at a Fraction of The Size

Waves, the audio technology company known for its professional signal processing software and plugins, is demonstrating revolutionary new technology for the consumer market at CES.

Waves’ MaxxBass technology dramatically shrinks the size of a traditional subwoofer without sacrificing sound quality. At CES, Waves is demonstrating its Home MiniWoofer(TM), which uses MaxxBass processing to deliver rich deep bass response in a 7-inch cube weighing less than six pounds.

Patented Audio Processing Technology Delivers New Applications

The MiniWoofer can also be designed in a variety of forms ranging from a small subwoofer that fits under a car seat or on a door panel, to a three-inch thick flat panel subwoofer that can hang on a wall under a plasma TV. The difference in sound quality that consumers will hear is tremendous, as bass frequencies are what carry most of the emotional impact in music, movies, and games.

The Home MiniWoofer is also an ideal alternative to a complete 5.1 home theater system, where consumers don’t wish to dedicate the space or deal with the complexity of installation or more remote controls. It is simple to connect the Home MiniWoofer with stereo TVs, DVD players, and cable/satellite set-top devices.

“The MiniWoofer enables subwoofer performance levels in a wide range of applications where traditional subwoofers are considered too large, unsightly, or expensive,” said Gilad Keren, President and CEO of Waves. “Imagine if you could get subwoofer quality sound from your car stereo, portable CD player, or home video games without needing a big, heavy subwoofer. The MaxxBass technology that the MiniWoofer is based on makes that possible, and we are now seeing many major consumer electronics manufacturers beginning to embed this technology in their products.”

Leading Consumer Electronics Manufacturers License MaxxBass

Waves MaxxBass technology has already been sold or licensed to a number of leading consumer manufacturers including Altec Lansing, Directed Electronics, Microsoft, Samsung, Sanyo, and Sony. Reducing the size reduces the cost as well since a smaller product requires less power and fewer materials to make. The MiniWoofer consumes 50 percent less power than a traditional subwoofer while providing the same rich, deep bass sound.

Not a Bass Boost Technology

MaxxBass works by extending the lower end of bass frequency response up to one-and-a-half octaves without distortion, delivering deeper, richer, more natural bass. MaxxBass is not a bass boost technology, but instead utilizes a Waves patented psychoacoustic phenomenon called the Missing Fundamental effect, which takes advantage of the way the ear and mind are wired to improve the quality of sound perceived. MaxxBass generates a precise harmonic content so your ear believes it is hearing lower frequency sounds than are physically present.

Generating loud and low bass is the most difficult and costly goal in loudspeaker design. The laws of physics require large speaker enclosures and high power to generate loud and deep bass.

Unlike other technologies, MaxxBass simultaneously allows the system efficiency to be improved, reducing amplifier cost and/or increasing maximum volume levels. The combination of lower material costs, less expensive amplifiers, and reduced shipping is estimated save manufacturers more than 50% on a mass market home theater style subwoofer.

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