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Metric – Synthetica, Download of the Day

Metric's Fifth Album Release Titled Synthetica

“Metric has created a great record, with great pop sensibilities. I hear 80’s synths, guitars that chime, and great rhythms. Youth Without Youth hasn’t left rotation on my MacBook & iphone since I got it. Great work from Metric!

With their fifth album, Synthetica, Toronto-bred electro-rockers Metric continue to blend sharp lyrics, memorable meolodies, and formidable beats with modern instrumentations. “Speed the Collapse” presents an unfolding drama driven by nervous-sounding drumming. “The Wanderlust” perfectly contrasts Emily Haines’ sweet singing with the legendarily unflappable delivery of guest duet partner Lou Reed. The horns toward the end of the title track, in turn, warmly complement its raw guitar power.

Metric Synthetica – Listen and Download Now

Metric Synthetica – iTunes Canada Store

Track Listing…

1 Artificial Nocturne 5:42
2 Youth Without Youth 4:17
3 Speed the Collapse 3:42
4 Breathing Underwater 3:56
5 Dreams So Real 2:40
6 Lost Kitten 3:16
7 The Void 3:17
8 Synthetica 3:54
9 Clone 5:13
10 The Wanderlust 3:10
11 Nothing But Time 4:04

Silversun Pickups Neck of the Woods, Album Download of the Week

3rd album release by Silversun Pickups is titled Neck of the Woods (2012)

We can’t take credit for any of it. It just accidentally happened.
– Brian Aubert, SSP

The third digital album release by California alt-rockers Silversun Pickups titled Neck of the Woods grew out of a chance meeting between guitarist/singer/frontman Brian Aubert and Grammy Award-winning producer Jacknife Lee (credits including Snow Patrol, R.E.M., U2).

That heritage is reflected in an appropriately big-sounding gritty guitar mix, alongside the pop sensibility that infuses the SSPU signature sound… in spite of the “alt-rock” label usually associated with their name.

The big attention-getting track is Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings), but you should also check out darker production numbers like Here We Are (Chancer), and Dots and Dashes (Enough Already).

But ah… what’s with all the double-barelled song titles?

Listen and Download Now

Silversun Pickups on Working with Producer Jacknife Lee

Here We Are (Chancer)

Here we are
underneath a million leaves
In shadows of
compromising scenes

When I was young
I dreamed this would be

But I got one chance to move you
One chance to move you
So here we are

I’m running out
A source to let you down
I can call it all
Or gain higher ground

Look overdrawn
It’s all that’s around
Is it easier

If it’s the right time to lose you
Right time to lose you
So here we are

Here we are
Here we are

I got one chance to move you
One chance to move you
Is it the right time to lose you
Right time to lose you