Behringer’s Proprietary Ultratube Circuitry Granted German Patent

Pro audio manufacturer Behringer has recently received patent rights from the German Patent and Trademark Office for the design of its unique ULTRATUBE circuitry.

The innovative technology provides desirable tube-saturation harmonics at any given volume, avoiding the need of leveling the tube, at the same time enabling control of the amount of tube sound in the signal.

“I have a passion for classic vacuum tube technology,” confesses company founder and ULTRATUBE inventor, Uli Behringer. “Tube circuitries, however, are known for their critical level dependency. Either the level is too low and there is no tube effect or the level is too high and distortion occurs. The patent sets out to eliminate virtually all hiss, hum and noise while maintaining the desired effect of warm, silky enhancement usually generated near the level of tube circuitry saturation. That’s when the additional harmonics are generated, giving tubes their distinctive sound,” Behringer explains the principle.

A number of BEHRINGER products, like the legendary VINTAGER tube processor series and the VINTAGER AC112 guitar combo, already benefit from the ULTRATUBE technology. It provides a warm, punchy sound with plenty of harmonics and musicality, resulting in tube-like response and feel even at low volume.

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