BKP Launches Breakthrough Interactive Website

The Middle Eastern music production industry leader Barry Kirsch Productions ‘BKP’ projected its creative edge through a different medium with the recent launch of its state-of-the-art fully interactive audio website, a regional debut for this genre of technical wizardry.

The Flash 6 powered site uniquely delivers over 175 male and female voice-over talent samples on demand in different languages from all over the world, allowing companies and agencies the ability to find their perfect brand representative voice from the comfort of their offices.

According to BKP founder, Barry Kirsch, this Web site forms part of their growing pioneering endeavors towards providing clients with more freedom and creative options for their marketing communication productions. “BKP is at the forefront of delivering an international standard of audio solutions to the marketing industry across the region,” said Kirsch. “Our new interactive site is the latest tangible example of our total commitment to retaining this position in an increasingly competitive market sector.”

The website was designed by octOpus, one of the UAE’s most innovative communications consultancies. Stuart Cameron, Managing Director of octOpus, believes that communication is all about ensuring that the correct message gets to the correct people through the correct environment at the correct time. “Following the initial and misguided euphoria that heralded a new beginning through e-commerce solutions,” said Cameron, “clients now seem to be tentatively re-assessing the business benefits that can be provided by an e-presence. The new BKP site is a perfect example of this new realism. BKP, in conjunction with ourselves at octOpus recognised that both agencies and clients would appreciate the opportunity to quickly review voice options in the comfort of their own premises.”

The website will provide more options and save cost and time for agencies and clients looking for the perfect voice, as voices can be sampled, stored, and downloaded directly to the visitors’ computers for reference and subsequent review by other parties.

Other than voice-over talents, the website also provides information on the full range of products and services offered by BKP; From original and library background music to sonic branding, sound design radio and TV production and post production.

Kirsch was responsible for many of the best-recognised jingles and sonic brands produced in the region over the last 15 years, including the one currently used by Emirates Airlines. Kirsch explains, “Sonic branding is one of the most effective means of defining or enhancing a company’s image and reinforcing the overall ideals of a brand. As such, it has become one of the fastest growing areas in the overall BKP offer.” With the site being the first of its kind in the region, BKP affirms it’s no background sing-along, and it stands as an achievement that both Kirsch and Cameron are rightfully proud of.

BKP Music Web Site

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