Presonus Ships All New HP4 Headphone Amplifier / Speaker Controller

PreSonus Audio Electronics is now shipping the HP4™, a compact headphone amplifier and distribution controller. The HP4 has a suggested price of $129.95 (US).

The new distribution box provides four discrete headphone outputs on the front panel, its own volume potentiometer, and 250mW of amplification per channel. Presonus says the unit produces a very high output while maintaining low noise.

“When space and budget are a concern, I can’t fathom a better answer to the problem of headphone distribution,” says PreSonus president Jim Odom.

“This piece of gear is the same size as our new TubePRE™, so it fits into our soon-to-be-released MaxRack, which houses up to six 1/3 rack space units. Given the high performance and low price of $129.95, there really isn’t a better option on the market.”

The HP4 accepts balanced/unbalanced inputs (stereo or mono) and outputs (1/4″ TRS), and has a mono selector button on the front channel that copies both inputs to both sides. Extremely quiet, the HP4 has a -98 dB noise floor and wide frequency response.

The HP4 provides an extra pair of TRS outputs that can be used to link multiple units and feed control room monitors. The user can control the volume or mute the monitor speakers from the HP4’s front panel when using up to four sets of headphones. The HP4 is externally powered by a wall-mounted power supply.

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