Aura/Linaeum 360-Degree Dispersion Tweeter Drives High-End Toshiba Digital Surround Speaker System

El Segundo, CA. Aura Systems Inc. has announced that Toshiba is incorporating speaker technologies developed by Aura Systems’ wholly-owned subsidiary Linaeum into the Toshiba SSP2000 home theater speaker system.

The SSP2000 is the first complete home speaker system designed expressly to reproduce DVD audio with Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. It is a six-piece system (five surround channels plus sub) built with Linaeum’s 360-degree dispersion tweeter and innovative new enclosure technologies.

“Toshiba selected our patented Linaeum True Line Source tweeter because it can be configured for a true 360-degree dispersion pattern ideal for use in a Surround Sound format,” stated Harry Kurtzman, President and CEO of Aura Systems. “The True Line Source speaker also uses a novel design which offers many advantages over conventional tweeters, including high efficiency, wider frequency response, freedom from resonances and break-up modes, and superb resolution and transient response.”

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