Duracell Introduces LP1 Flat-Profile Battery Designed for Portable Audio Players

You know consumer electronics manufacturers are selling a lot of portable audio players when the battery makers jump on the bandwagon.

Duracell®, one of the leading battery manufacturers, and part of the enormous Gillette empire, has announced the LP1. The new battery will be the first-ever alkaline prismatic battery designed specifically for portable digital audio devices such as MP3 players.

The LP1 will be available later this year in North America, Europe and Asia. It will be packaged in blister cards containing two batteries. Duracell says there are more than 200 digital audio devices that can already be powered by LP1 batteries.

The LP1 has a flat profile to meet the shrinking size requirements of today’s ever-thinner audio devices. It measures 6.1 millimeters thick, and thus offers manufacturers a slim alkaline battery with long-lasting, dependable performance to design into these smaller and thinner audio devices.

“As digital audio technology continues to progress, Duracell will innovate with new portable power solutions,” says Mark Bertolami, Duracell’s vice president of business development and strategy.

Unlike rechargeable batteries that lose power even when they are not being used, Duracell says the LP1 provides consumers with “always ready” portable power for audio enjoyment anytime and anywhere.

Getting down to the nitty-gritty of what’s in it for manufacturers of audio portables, Duracell points out that they can “design slim digital audio devices that run on primary power.”

The LP1 will be a lower-cost alternative to secondary batteries. Device manufacturers that wish to offer devices with interchangeable (i.e., primary and secondary) power solutions, the new battery provides a high-quality, primary battery option. The retail trade will benefit from ongoing battery sales as consumers replace their Duracell LP1 batteries over time.

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