Pioneer’s New 2003 Car Audio Head Units Feature D4Q Digital Tuners, MP3 and WMA Support

Pioneer GB’s Car Audio Division has launched a new range of auto sound head units for the UK market.

The new line-up of CD tuners includes 6 models (DEH-1500R, DEH-P2500R, DEH-P3500MP, DEH-P4500R, DEH-P5500MP and DEH-P6500R), packed with the latest high-tech digital technology and state-of-the-art audio features.

Pioneer's new top-of-the-line DEH-P6500R in-dash tuner offers advanced sound-enhancing technology and IP-Bus expansion options

A key component of the new models is Pioneer’s ‘Digital For Quality’ D4Q tuner, the company’s first digital AM/FM tuner, which it says provides new clarity in radio reception.

Other highlights of the 2003 models include exceptional in-dash display features, and playback of various digital music formats such as MP3 and Windows Media Audio (WMA).

The new Pioneer DEH-P5500MP tuner offers both MP3 and WMA audio file playback, as well as a large multi-colour display

“Our 2003 CD tuner line-up represents Pioneer’s commitment to providing drivers with high performance CD tuners featuring superior audio capabilities,” says Martin Fuller, Product Manager, Car Audio Division, Pioneer GB Limited.

“As more consumers expect pure and precise radio signals and choose to store music digitally, Pioneer is expanding its product offerings with the latest sound enhancing technology and high-tech digital features, such as D4Q, MP3 playback and WMA.”

Digital For Quality

Pioneer’s entire 2003 line-up of in-car CD tuners features D4Q which refers to ‘digital for quality.’ D4Q combines an analog front end with digital processing that delivers crisp, clear radio reception.

Key features of D4Q tuner technology:

  • Superior sensitivity, ensuring the weakest of signals can be received
  • Low multipath noise, enabling signal differentiation and selection in high signal reflection areas, such as cities and mountains
  • High resistance to interference, detecting adjacent signals and/or interference and effectively tuning them out before any undesirable noises can be heard
  • A smooth RDS network following, safeguarding the signal from changing stations whilst seamlessly switching signals where appropriate


The DEH-1500R is the most affordable CD tuner in the new range. In addition to the D4Q tuner, this unit is equipped with an outstanding sound system incorporating Pioneer’s EEQ Easy Equaliser system offering a host of equaliser controls that can be custom tailored by the driver ensuring quality sound. If that wasn’t enough, drivers can crank up the volume using the 4x45W amplifier.


The DEH-P2500R is a sophisticated CD tuner with D4Q tuning, a built-in MOSFET amplifier offering unrivalled audio quality and Pioneer’s EEQ system. An IP-Bus connection opens up a wealth of entertainment options for passengers – allowing the addition of the latest in-car items such as a DVD player or TV tuner. Drivers also have the added bonus of digitally expanding their music collection as the tuner can easily be connected to a portable MiniDisc or MP3 player.


The DEH-P3500MP transforms the car into a mobile multimedia centre, allowing drivers to take even more of their favourite music on the road thanks to a built-in MP3 player. Multiple IP-Bus controls allow users to customise their entertainment centre by adding a DVD player, TV tuner or multi-CD player. Excellent sound quality is guaranteed through a MOSFET 50W power amplifier, EEQ and two RCA pre-outs, which allow the connection of amplifiers and speakers for the ultimate sound experience. The stylish front panel design and pure white colour LED display add the finishing touch.


The DEH-P4500R is an outstanding, multifunction CD tuner giving the driver total control over the sound system. Two RCA pre-outs are bundled with the tuner, enabling users to custom tune speakers and amps, while EEQ is coupled with LPF/HPF to offer precision tuning and EQ-EX allows the driver to instantly accentuate the equaliser curves simply at the touch of a button. Additionally, the large multi-colour LCD display with its striking design, combined with Pioneer’s ever popular pop-out rotary volume, gives this tuner a sleek and eye catching look.


The DEH-P5500MP offers compatibility with both MP3 playback and WMA providing a superb array of music options, important features for the digitally minded driver. Besides the D4Q, drivers can rest assured that the sound experience will be at its greatest with EEQ+ precision tuning featuring LPH/HPF (Low Pass Filter/High Pass Filter), Direct Sub Drive and EQ-EX built into the tuner. Similar to the DEH-P4500R, a large multi-colour display with an integrated volume control is also included. This product is also available in a sleek black finish, with red key illumination, as the DEH-P5530MP.


The DEH-P6500R is a superior tuner loaded with features offering extraordinary sound enhancing technology and a white and blue display panel with multimedia functionality. The Easy Equaliser (EEQ+) coupled with the EQ-EX ensures sound is delivered perfectly whilst the Auto Sound Leveliser (ASL) compensates against any exterior noise from the road. In addition, the D4Q tuner provides prefect, crisp AM/FM reception under the most demanding driving conditions. The Organic Electroluminescent (OEL) display provides excellent visibility through a wide viewing angle and a Direct Key Operation mode guides the driver through various ‘key’ functions at the touch of a button. The display’s smart functionality also includes multiple entertainment features, such as screen savers and unique 3D visuals. Multiple IP-Bus connections are also included and allow users to expand their in-car entertainment experience with a DVD player, DAB tuner or TV tuner.

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