Rockford Corporation to Introduce 2003 Products at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas

Rockford Corporation will introduce its new product lines for 2003, for the mobile, professional, and home theater audio markets, at the CES Show in Las Vegas on January 9-12.

Gary Suttle, president and chief executive officer commented, “This should be a very exciting show for us. We have five great mobile audio brands introducing many new products. We have been awarded five Innovations 2003 Design and Engineering Honoree Awards and one Mobile Audio Best of Honoree Award for our new Omnifi product co-designed by Rockford Fosgate and SimpleDevices. We are very proud to introduce Omnifi, which we believe offers the next generation of connected consumer electronics providing unsurpassed performance and convenience. Simply explained, Omnifi uses the popular Wi-Fi home-networking technology to stream digital music from the PC to the home stereo and to deliver digital music and information to a hard-drive based entertainment system in the car.”

Mr. Suttle, continued, “We are also very pleased to be introducing new home theater products at the show for Fosgate Audionics, MB Quart and NHT. NHT is our most recently acquired brand for home theater and we are excited to have it as part of our family of brands. With superior electronics products from Fosgate Audionics and outstanding speaker products from MB Quart and NHT, we believe we should see a lot of momentum in our home theater lines this year.”

About Rockford

Rockford is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of high-performance audio systems for the mobile, professional, and home theater audio markets. Rockford’s mobile audio products are marketed under the Rockford Fosgate, Lightning Audio, MB Quart and Q-Logic brand names. Rockford’s home theater products are marketed under the Fosgate Audionics, MB Quart and NHT brand names. Rockford recently completed an investment in SimpleDevices, which licenses its standards-based SimpleWareT and SimpleMedia ServicesT software to consumer electronics, PC, automotive and network equipment OEMs.

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