RealOne Music (RealNetworks) Online Subscription Music Service

AudioWorld Rating:


  • good editorial content and recommendations
  • useful integration with video and other media
  • extensive file management, playlist and tag editing features (downloaded files)
  • good audio quality (downloaded files only)


  • no CD burning or transfers to portable players allowed
  • buggy, unstable software, too-frequent crashes
  • poorly designed search interface
  • downloads usable for 30 days only
  • service available in U.S. only

AudioWorld Recommends:
Skip it – this service is more trouble than it’s worth. Besides, downloading music files without being able to burn them to CD or to load them in a portable audio player doesn’t make sense when you’re paying a monthly subscription fee.

Product Description

  • CD-quality music file downloads by monthly subscription
  • more than 80,000 downloadable tracks from 3 major labels plus independents
  • 48 channels of streaming music organized by genres (lo-fi audio only)
  • subscription packages priced from $9.95 to $24.95 (US) per month
  • available in the U.S. only

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