River Cable, A New High-End Audio Cable Brand Is Born – With Birth Certificates to Prove It!

A new brand of hand-crafted home theater, home hi-fi and car audio cable appears on the market today. River Cable (formerly Sound & Video) positions its product line as “sensibly priced, with a designer style the sophisticated audio and home theater consumer can’t pass up.”

The product line includes analog and digital audio interconnects, digital audio optical cables, speaker cables, composite video, S-Video, component video, RGB (HV) and VGA/breakout cables, as well as custom cables made to order. Prices range upwards from about $50 (US) for a 0.5-meter RCA-to-RCA interconnect pair, and $55 (US) for a 1-meter TOSLINK (digital audio optical) cable.

Each cable is individually tested and certified with its own River Cable Birth Certificate.

“River Cable is the only sensibly priced, premium cable to certify the performance of each cable”, says River Cable R&D head Paul Swedenburg.

“Each cable assembly is individually evaluated, and passes up to seven stringent measurement tests. Once tested and certified, each cable’s performance is warranted for life with its individually numbered River Cable Birth Certificate. The certificates provide the customers with the actual test measurements and performance graphs for their cables. Although it is labor intensive and time consuming, certification is a key phase of our work. We stand 100% behind our cables.”

Like all River Cable products, the Audiflex Gold RCA-pair interconnects come with a "Birth Certificate" warranting measured performance

In addition to a lifetime warranty, each cable is covered by a 30-day home trial. This no-hassle guarantee allows customers ample time to set up their systems and break in their new River Cables.

River Cable engineers are the brains behind innovations like the original Digiflex Gold digital audio interconnect. When it was first released, Corey Greenberg extolled its virtues in Stereophile as “…the best performance I’ve heard from a digital cable…any coax more expensive is a waste of money.”

River Cables are not only engineered and tested for extreme performance quality, but they are also styled to satisfy, with a unique, designer appeal. Each cable is identified by its striking jewel tone, dressed in RiverSlinxâ„¢ Gold FX as a protective safeguard. RiverSlinx Gold FX is a unique proprietary mesh, threaded with gold for added style.

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