New Pro-Audio Software Developer Sonalksis Launches With SV-517 Stereo EQ Plug-In

Sonalksis Ltd., a new company specialising in the development of digital audio products for the pro-audio recording, post-production and broadcast markets, has opened its doors for business.

In conjunction with the launch, Sonalksis has also announced the release of the first in a series of ‘State-Space’ audio software plug-ins.

The SV-517 Stereo EQ plug-in is available immediately in VST format for PC and Macintosh computers, with support for other formats (DirectX, Apple AudioUnits, RTAS) to follow.

It is available as a download from the Sonalksis Web site, priced at $240 (US). A free, fully-functional 30-day trial/demo download is also available.

The new company, based in Liverpool, UK, has been founded by 4 former AMS-Neve R&D engineers. Sonalksis will initially focus on the development of a range of audio software plug-ins.

“We aim to set the highest standards in professional digital sound processing, and with the experience of our R&D team we are certainly capable of doing this,” said managing director Kieran Tyrrell.

“Our first product range will clearly illustrate the quality to be expected from all our future developments, and with very affordable prices we hope to bring supreme quality to all those who want it, not just those that can afford it.”

The SV-517 Stereo EQ provides 6 filter bands, with selectable classic and contemporary filter styles. it features internal 64-bit floating point processing, and supports sample rates up to 192kHz.

“Whether you need to give some air to a vocal, sweeten an entire mix, or equalise a dialogue track, the Sonalksis SV-517 EQ will be equally at home in each environment. The various styles of filter model many classic and contemporary analog responses, so it is simply a matter of selecting the appropriate style for your programme material.”

The EQ is implemented with Sonalksis ‘State-Space’ technology for unparalleled sonic clarity. R&D director Gus Miller explained the benefits of Sonalksis ‘State-Space’ modelling technology in digital audio processors:

“Most digital processors that perform routine functions such as EQ or compression emulate the ‘external’ characteristic of the process. This means the processor is designed according to mathematical equations that relate the output signal to the input. But factors that are very important in the design of high quality audio processors, such as the response to transients and dynamic parameters, are typically part of the ‘internal’ description of a processor. Sonalksis ‘State-Space’ technology superimposes an internal model onto the external characteristic, so it gives us ultimate control over the smallest subtleties in the design process.”

Sonalksis has also announced the upcoming release of its SV-315 Stereo Compressor plug-in, along with general support for DirectX and Apple AudioUnit plug-in formats. The SV-315 Compressor will use the same ‘State-Space’ modelling technology as the SV-517 EQ.

SV-517 Stereo EQ Features

  • 6 filter bands; 2 variable slope filters and 4 parametric bands, of which 2 are switchable shelves
  • Sonalksis ‘State-space’ system model for true analogue response
  • Multiple parametric equaliser types inclucing classic models
  • Multiple styles of resonant shelf
  • 64bit floating point precision internal processing throughout
  • Up to 192 kHz support
  • Ultra efficient processing, with specific optimisations for native processors
  • Glitchless transitions when switching bands in and out
  • Graphical feedback display
  • One control per function user-interface
  • Support for Mac & PC platforms

Sonalksis Web Site

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