Axiom Millennia M80 Loudspeaker Review Summary

AudioWorld Rating:


  • outstanding mid- and high-frequency response: transparent, smooth and detailed
  • tight, well-balanced bass extends down to 35-40 Hz
  • rich, enveloping sound stage, easy to position in most listening rooms
  • excellent overall performance and value for money


  • light in deepest bass, requires bass management and subwoofer for full weight at the bottom
  • 4-ohm load, requires high-power receiver or amplifier to perform up to potential

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In common with the whole Axiom family of loudspeakers, the M80’s are characterized by silky smooth response throughout the audible spectrum, except for the very lowest frequencies. In this case, the bottom is solid and tight down to the 35-40 Hz region, thanks to a pair of 6.5″ aluminum woofers. The 3-way complement of drivers (dual 5.25″ aluminum midranges, dual 1″ titanium tweeters to go with the woofers), crossovers and Axiom’s distinctive slightly-wedged cabinet design with vortex porting are superbly engineered to deliver sweet, well-rounded sound without a trace of undesirable coloration.

The M80’s also deliver a flattering, yet precise, sound stage – every instrument and sound element clearly located and defined, without the overly-analytical focus that sometimes comes along with such clarity. These speakers are dead easy to position for a pleasing stereo image or surround field in typical home listenting rooms.

The other family characteristic the M80ti’s share with the rest of the Axiom line is an airy, transparent top end, extending well out beyond audible range – the 1″ titanium tweeters found in every Axiom main, surround and center-channel speaker, working their magic.

All of this makes the M80 another example of the outstanding value offered by the entire Axiom line. You will not find loudspeakers that sound nearly as good as this, anywhere close to the modest price of $1,380 (US) per pair.

So what’s not to like? For me, it’s still the bottom end. As compared to my reference system, which has Axiom’s M22 bookshelf model as the main L/R speakers, the M80’s go down nearly a full octave further into the depths (the M22 bottoms out around 55-60 Hz). Even so, these speakers still need a sub to reproduce the lowest lows with full weight.

Product Description

  • 3-way speaker system, with two 1-inch titanium tweeters, two 5.25-inch aluminum midrange drivers and two 6.5-inch aluminum woofers
  • anti-standing-wave wedge-shaped cabinet suppresses internal resonances
  • vortex-ported cabinet to reduce port noise
  • 5-way gold-plated binding posts… bi-wirable and bi-ampable
  • available in Maple, Black Oak, Mansfield Beech and Boston Cherry veneer finishes

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