Grundig Introduces New Car and Mobile Family Entertainment Systems for European Market

German consumer electronics maker Grundig is gearing up for the major European car and mobile entertainment show of the year, the Car & Sound show in the small town of Sinsheim, Germany (April 11-13, 2003) with several new car and mobile audio entertainment products.

Leading the way is the DVD 150 “infotainment center” which is available with various liquid crystal display (LCD) viewing options. The system handles a wide range of disc formats, including DVD-Video, CD, CD-R, CD-RW and MP3 CD. It also features an anti-shock system which allows for glitch-free playback of discs, regardless of whether the unit is mounted vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

The DVD 150 is aimed squarely at families on the road, with input connectors for a number of commonly-used games consoles, to help kids pass the time on long drives.

For the very best in mobile viewing, Grundig is offering the Rooftop RTFT700 as the top-of-the line display for the DVD 150. It offers a screen diagonal of 7 inches and a very high resolution of 1440 x 234 pixels. Films can be enjoyed in either 16:9 or 4:3 format. On the audio side, the RTFT700 has an infrared interface for cordless headphones, enabling passengers in the back seats to enjoy the entertainment without disturbing the driver.

The Rooftop RTFT700 has a super-flat design that allows it to fold away unobtrusively into the roof of the car when not in use.

The new Grundig DVD 150 infotainment centre is available from specialist dealers in Europe at a recommended retail price of € 499 (approx. $500 US). The Rooftop RTFT700 will be priced at € 799 ($800 US).

Grundig will also offer lower-priced display options for the DVD 150, with screen sizes of 5 inches (TFT 500, € 349), 5.6 inches (TFT 560, € 399) and 7 inches(TFT 700, € 749).

Grundig CarCine

The new Grundig CarCine 560 and 700 systems are complete, self-contained, portable entertainment centres you can take with you anywhere.

CarCine systems come in a bag that houses the player unit, with a high-resolution TFT monitor and a pair of speakers mounted in the flap of the bag (5.6-inch diagonal display for the CarCine 560, 7-inch diagonal for CarCine 700).

In the car, you power the system from a cigarette lighter socket. The CarCine can be fitted securely behind a seat using a simple belt system, with the monitor fastened to the head restraint. In a hotel room (or at the office), the system plugs into a standard electrical outlet.

Like the DVD 150 car-mounted system, the CarCine portables can handle DVD-Video, CD, CD-R, CD-RW and MP3 CD discs, and they have game console connectors. Illuminated buttons let you access all of the system functions easily in the dark of a car interior at night.

In addition to the two built-in speakers beside the screen, the CarCine has audio outputs to connect directly to an existing car sound system. Both models also have connection sockets for separate headphones, so that passengers can listen in the car and not disturb drivers or distract them from the surrounding traffic.

European pricing for the Grundig CarCine 560 is € 899 ($900 US), while the CarCine 700 will be available for € 1299 ($1300 US).

Digital Radio On the Road – Allixx DAB

Rounding out the new line of Grundig car audio systems is the Allixx DAB, a digital radio with built-in DAB receiver.

The digital radio network is expected to grow in Germany and throughout Europe for the next few years, and DAB reception will become an essential feature of car radios, according to Grundig.

The Grundig Allixx DAB guarantees high-quality, interference-free radio reception with a sound quality comparable to that of a CD. Even out of the reception range of a digital radio broadcaster, the Allixx DAB has no problems. Its sophisticated control software allows it to switch between digital radio and FM so quickly that it is imperceptible to the listener, and automatically switches back to the digital medium when the reception improves again.

The Allixx also has an RDS system, standard on all Grundig car radios, to provide the best possible FM reception by automatically switching to the strongest available frequencies.

For digital radio station that support the function, the Allixx DAB can also show PAD (program associated data) such as traffic information or news from around the world, on a large two-line dot matrix display, optionally illuminated in blue or white.

The Allixx DAB also includes a built-in CD player that handles conventional CD, CD-R and CD-RW discs, even on very bumpy rides. It can show CD text in its display when it’s available. The unit power speakers with 4 x 50 Watts of amplification.

The Allixx DAB will sell in Europe at a recommended retail price of € 649 ($650 US).

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